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Why Baltic Amber Jewelry Is So Precious

Why Baltic Amber Jewelry Is So Precious

* One of the most fascinating aspects of Amber is its ability to preserve insects and plants, which became trapped in the resin 30-50 million years ago. Inclusions such as insects, wood and air bubbles make the pieces even more rare and valuable.

* From ancient art work to dazzling contemporary jewelry designs, natural Baltic Amber has no competition. There simply isn't another gem that can compare from the standpoint of exceptional beauty, amazing coloration, and lasting beauty.

* Baltic Amber stimulates and support's the Body's Immune System and gives the person who wears it a lovely sense of health and healing.

* Unlike other gemstones, Amber is warm to the touch. It will take on your body heat quickly, so wearing Amber Jewelry is comfortable from the moment it touches your skin.

* Amber Jewelry is all one-of-a-kind because each piece of Amber is unique and impossible to reproduce.


Like the lands from which it was birthed, Baltic Amber has an intense history from initial discovery in the Baltic Region to gracing priceless artifacts and members of royalty to healing properties that defy science even today. There is so much to learn, to know, and to inspire that volumes cannot convey the beauty, the mystery, the ultimate uniqueness that is Amber. Artisans, Jewelers, Kings and Princesses have fallen in love with this magical stone and produced incredible works of art dedicated to its mystery and unparalleled natural beauty.

To understand why Baltic Amber is so precious, you first need to understand that Amber isn't just the centerpiece of an elegant Baltic Amber Jewelry. Baltic Amber is the most precious natural material any artist can work with or wearer can enjoy. Amber's composition is such that it has no equal, no competitor. And it never has.

At one time many centuries ago, Baltic Amber was not always in the limelight. Unlike glittering diamonds or similar gems, Amber's more subtle, natural beauty was not the first choice for jewelry statements. Yet it was not unusual for Amber to be considered a very highly prized gift for royal families. While the distinctly unique properties of Amber were yet to be fully appreciated to certain audiences, Amber retained its place in an ever evolving world of speculation because its unique medicinal properties were deeply anchored in society throughout the ages. For example, Amber in the form of ground powder was highly regarded for curative purposes.

Baltic Amber is actually resin containing a very rare substance known as Succinic Acid, a substance that is also found in our own immune system and is considered the core element of therapeutic treatment. Since ancient times Amber has been used in the manufacture of jewelry and ornaments, as an ingredient in perfumes and has long been used in Folk Medicine for its healing properties. When heated, Amber becomes soft and pliant and exudes a wonderful fragrance of pine indigenous to the Conifer trees of ancient times. In this state, it hails to the natural forests that existed over 50 million years ago from which Amber was actually formed.

Because Amber is soft and malleable, artists and artisans can create unique esthetically pleasing shapes. The variety of colors and regal Shades Of Amber, whether opaque or clear, lay the foundation of opportunity for spectacular designs to complement any fashion statement or to be the center of attention. With techniques that include thorough and repetitive polishing and precise cutting, true Amber Artisans continue to provide Masterpieces In Amber that will always stand the test of time.

There are also Baltic Amber Imitations on the market, so it is important to ensure you are buying a genuine Baltic Amber Jewelry. Research those who market genuine Baltic Amber from the Baltic Sea region. Learn how to Identify Baltic Amber from Imitations or Fakes.

As with any fine jewelry, Amber will maintain its value in the coming decades. To protect Amber Jewelry, you should gently clean each piece with warm water and a soft cloth. Never use any form of detergent, soap, or cleanser as that can harm your Amber by attacking the resin. Again, protect your Amber from extreme elements such as very hot or very cold temperatures as this can also cause damage or deterioration. When you're not wearing your Amber Jewelry, always be sure to wrap each piece in a soft cloth for protection before safe storage. Learn more about Caring for Amber Jewelry.

Whether you're a believer in the incredible natural healing power of natural Amber or an admirer of the odyssey that Amber has made over millions of years, there is no denying that Amber is unique and indeed very special. And every time you wear your amazing Amber Jewelry, you can be inspired by the magic - and mystery - that has given Baltic Amber a reputation and a reverence that no other gem has ever known.


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