Baltic Amber Colors

Baltic Amber Colors
All that glitters isn’t gold…you know that old saying? Well in one very unique case, this substance was referred to as “gold” for centuries and was every bit as precious.

This “gold” didn’t glitter although its many facets will mirror refracted light quite beautifully. At the end of the day, it doesn’t need to glitter. Because, in fact, what it does is far more complicated and incredibly more mystical. This “gold” radiates some powerful medicine. And that’s why this “gold” - natural Amber has become the most precious and rare commodity.

Now that we’ve gone past the surface (so to speak) of natural Baltic Amber, touched on the mystical healing powers it possesses, we can take a look as a purist, a gem collector, or through the eye of a beholder of such exceptional natural beauty. Within Baltic Amber you will find myriads of color and shading, clarity and density. Baltic Amber has been used for centuries for its beauty in making beautiful Amber Jewelry and ornaments.

There are various tints within the rainbow spectrum that range from the palest yellow to rich yellow to blue, white, forest green, honey beige, smoky brown and many others within each of these colors. It’s astonishing to realize that there are in fact 7 primary colors and over 250 variations within that coloration. Because natural Baltic Amber is as varietal as nature itself, there are sometimes two or more colors or patterns within an individual piece of Baltic Amber. These particular pieces are the most highly sought after among collectors – the “ultimate” prize to own.

Keeping the varietal theme of its incredible nature, Baltic Amber can be entirely opaque or as transparent as a clear window. Baltic Amber’s composition is Ancient Tree Resin that dates back to millions of years ago and theoretically, pre-dinosaur era. Natural Baltic Amber actually created its own carbon footprint as well as that of certain species of plants and insects of that prehistoric era. These tiny inclusions were encapsulated within the Baltic Amber , carried through streams and rivers, and ultimately into the sea. What a treasure trove they provided to their finders.

Approximately 10% of Amber is transparent. Resin in ancient forest was flowing in a shady place; that is why turpens, the volatile components of resin evaporated slowly and did not make the resin turbid with gas bubbles, so the amber remained transparent. The shade of transparency could change from yellowish color to dark red color; it depends on the degree of Baltic Amber oxidation. In clear Amber, any insects, or whatever is trapped inside the stone can be easily seen.

In red shade Baltic Amber is especially rare and was formed when the Amber stayed in the air for long time. Oxidation process, heat of the sun, fire in the ancient forest. Natural oxidation takes place in the air and the Amber interacts with oxygen and changes its color step by step. Transparent Amber becomes red color. This is a very long process: change in the shades of color could be noticed only after 50-70 years.

Yellow Amber is the most common color. Resin was flowing from trees in the heat of the sun and the volatile components of resin evaporated and made them turbid - thousands of small gas bubbles were formed. These bubbles defract the light forming the yellow color. In one square millimeter of yellow Baltic amber could be 2500 gas bubbles 0.05-0.0025 mm. in diameter. The more bubbles, the lighter the shade of yellow.

White Baltic Amber accounts for about two percent of the world's supply. Usually this amber is distinguished by its variety of textures and "natural ornamentation". The volatile materials of resins evaporated very intensively in the sun heat and resin obtained the form of foam. In one square millimeter of white amber there could be about 1 million micro-bubbles 0.001-0.0008 mm. in diameter. In ancient times white Amber was used to produce expensive medicine. They were used to treat heart ailments.

Blue Baltic Amber is very rare too. It is captivating to anyone who beholds it. Most frequently blue shade is found in white Amber. Blue Baltic Amber formed when resin floated by the rivers to the peninsula of Sambia and it got into soil saturated by pyrites (FeS2). Intrusions of pyrites got into small cracks of resin.

Greenish Amber is also rare andvery popular and only accounts for about two percent of the amber found. Greenish Amber color was formed, after resin fell on plants and reacted with pigment chlorophyll that could be found in plants. Because of the Amber’s crystal structure, sometimes green Amber is called "sugar" Amber.

Black Amber accounts for about fifteen percent of the Amber found. Resin was thoroughly mixed up with the remains of the bark and leaf litter mass. Sometimes there could be only 10-15% of resin, and the other being impurities. Black color Amber is fragile and softer and it is more difficult for amber artisans to work with it.

You may not be looking for gold. You may not be interested in history. And maybe you have your own natural cures for ailments. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll be interested in finding out more about natural Baltic Amber, the magic, the mystery, and the Facts About Baltic Amber.


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