Inclusions in Baltic Amber

Inclusions in Baltic Amber
What makes Baltic Amber a scientific phenomenon? One of the elements is certainly the fact that some amber contains actual fossils of plants and insects that date back over 45 million years!

The inclusions vary but the most frequently found is that of the order Diptera which means “true flies”. It seems that this might be the original ancestor of those pesky gnats that still plague us today. The insects have been identified as the species of the “superfamily” Sciaroidea, and are consistent with the Fungus that was known to be living and growing in the ground of the amber forest amongst its rotting vegetation. Needless to say, the size of the enormous forest which have kept this bug population well fed for a very long time.

You have to admit that finding bugs and plants frozen in a time “capsule” from so many millions of years ago must have been a starting experience. For example, the movie, “ Jurassic Park ” was based on finding the DNA of a dinosaur in the blood of a mosquito that was preserved for over 100 million years in natural amber. Talk about extinct species! There’s no disputing the fact that amber has given us a unique window into the fascinating world of ecology in ancient times.


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