Baltic Amber (Succinic Acid)

Baltic Amber (Succinic Acid)
When you think of the word “Acid”, you typically think, “This is scary.” The complete opposite is true of Succinic Acid, the product derived from reprocessed natural Baltic Amber. Succinic Acid was analyzed by the pioneer of modern bacteriology, the Nobel Prize winner, Robert Kock (1886), who confirmed its positive influence and discovered that there is no risk of the accumulation of surplus amounts of Succinic Acid in the human organism, even after the introduction of considerable amounts into the body.

Where did Succinic Acid originate?

We have every reason to believe that Succinic Acid has been around since time began. Scientists have proven that 50 million years ago Succinic Acid was evident in the metabolism of living organisms. Succinic Acid purpose has consistently been supportive in increasing the well-being of its host and reducing risk from any adverse exposure such as illness.

Scientists and researchers believe that cosmic climate changes on the earth resulted in a dramatic rise in temperature. During that period of time, the ancient trees of a very large forest in the Baltic Region began to exude huge amounts of resin. As this resin reached the soil, it attracted various life forms in its path such as insects and tiny animals and trapped them in its viscous liquid where they have remained forever. In fact, these “inclusions” have enabled scientists to identify over 3,000 species of insects, plants, and lizards that existed on the earth at that time.

So what does Succinic Acid do for me?

Succinic Acid is produced by the human body at the rate of 200 grams per day in order to support our well being. When stress levels are high, even more Succinic Acid is produced to support the body’s immune system. You could say that Succinic Acid is our personal “rescue” agent.

Oldest and most profound resource for Succinic Acid is natural Baltic Amber, and there are many ways to add this resource to your everyday life in the form of charming jewelry – from the most traditional Amber Artisans who have practiced their craft for many centuries.

Interesting to note that Nicolaus Copernicus documented that his formulas for medicine included 22 specific ingredients - and one of them was Amber.

There is a diverse variety of styles and shapes of Amber Bracelets and Amber Necklaces, for every age including Amber Teething Necklaces for children. What could be better for parents who know the difficulty and pain of a child’s first tooth than to have a totally holistic remedy that really works? Now that’s a good question! Read more about the many Healing Benefits of Baltic Amber.

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