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How to Choose and Buy Amber Jewelry Online

How to Choose and Buy Amber Jewelry Online

In our world of commerce today, nothing is as popular as Online Shopping. And it's easy to see why. It suits our lifestyle to buy what we want, whenever we want it. Readily available technology enables manufacturers to give immediate access to tens of thousands of people all over the world with just a few mouse clicks. What could be easier, right?

Because it's so easy to sell on line, it's also easy to sell Fake Products. There are companies that are only online to rip you off and before you know it, you're out of pocket hard earned money for something you thought you were paying for. That's certainly not an experience you want to have and we want to give you some tips that will keep you from buying fake Amber Jewelry.

For any online purchase, you should take some preliminary steps to verify the credibility of the merchant. The merchants should also provide you with a safe method of payment such as PayPal, Google Checkout or any Payment Service Provider that guarantees a refund if the item needs to be returned.

You can also differentiate online shops by how their websites look. If the design is well executed with a great color scheme, rich content, high quality photos, etc., then you can feel comfortable that this shop is reliable. If it's a one pager with minimal content, flashing banners, and makes statements like: ''Available right now for a very special price, this sale won't last'' you might want to reconsider the vendor.

Here are the key points How to Choose and Buy Amber Jewelry online:

* The merchant guarantees that their Amber is 100% genuine Baltic Amber. This can usually be found within the product description or the subpages of their website.

The truth about Amber Certificates of Authenticity is that it is a common misleading factor that a purchase of genuine Baltic Amber must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Does a certificate of authenticity guarantee that the Amber is real? No. There is no superior authority that can verify their products and the certificates alike. Learn more how to How to Spot Real Amber From Fake.


Baltic Amber is not a Stone, Rock or Gem it is a fossilized tree resin that was formed over 45 million years ago, so it is naturally light weight, warm to the touch and yes can feel like plastic.

* When shopping for Amber Jewelry the value of Baltic Amber is mainly determined by its color and clarity. Some collectors also place a higher value on pieces that have Inclusions inside them.

Color of Amber

In general, the most valuable Color of Amber is rich yellow. A deep cherry red amber from ancient conifers also commands a high price and is relatively rare.

Clarity of Amber

Clear Amber is more valuable than pieces that look cloudy or opaque. Only clear Amber truly showcases the gem's radiant warm colors, and Amber that contains ancient plant or animal matter is more valuable when those inclusions are readily visible. Translucent and opaque forms of Amber occur when the gem is formed from resin that contained a high quantity of particulate matter or air bubbles.


Baltic Amber is unique for its ability to contain other once-living things within it. Bees, wasps, ants, spiders, and flies that had the misfortune to land on the resin when it was wet can become preserved within the gem as it fossilizes. For collectors, Amber Jewelry that showcases an ancient insect or spider is a unique prize.

* Here are the most common treatments used to improve the appearance of natural Amber:


Amber can be heated in oil to improve color and clarity.


Copal, a younger version of Amber, has not fully fossilized, so copal can fill the cracks and pits in a piece of Amber that has an irregular shape, making it more symmetrical and appealing for jewelry.


Some Amber is also covered with certain coatings. This type of treatment usually aims to enhance color, but the results are not as durable as those of heat treatment.

Pressed Amber

Since Amber pieces are not always the right size or shape that consumers prefer, vendors melt pieces of the material into chunks that are larger or better shaped.

The resulting pieces are called ''Pressed Amber''. This type of Amber is cheaper than comparable solid pieces.

* Baltic Amber Perfectly Round Butterscotch Beads always have been in very high demand. For instance, the price for natural Baltic Amber ball beads 10-15 mm in diameter are $13-15 per gram. Smaller beads cost a bit less and larger ones more. In case you come across ideally round balls described as "natural not pressed not reconstructed amber" at much lower price, most likely the vendor lies to you. Price must be always your guide for the quality and genuineness. Larger workshops that make Baltic Amber Perfectly Round Beads normally don't care to sell retail through the Internet with a very little mark-up. Here are some Interesting Facts About Amber Jewelry.

To summarize, every bead of natural Baltic Amber is unique, which may be part of the enduring fascination people have had with the radiant gem since prehistoric times. From its sunny color to its fascinating depths, Baltic Amber makes a beautiful statement as jewelry.


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