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Mens amber beaded bracelet - round cut Baltic amber beads | Amber Artisans
Mens amber healing bracelet - polished dark cognac Baltic amber beads
Healing Bracelet for Men - round cut Baltic amber beads | Amber Artisans
Men's raw amber healing necklace - button shaped Baltic amber beads
Beaded bracelet for Men - polished dark Baltic Amber beads | Amber Artisans
Mens Baltic amber necklace - polished multicolor beads 18 inches long
Baltic amber bracelet - multicolor sunshine amber beads | Amber Artisans
Baltic amber bracelet - polished round cut amber beads | Amber Artisans
Baltic amber healing bracelet - bright mix of amber beads | Amber Artisans
Baltic Amber Necklace - round cognac Baltic amber beads | Amber Artisans
Cleopatra Butterscotch Baltic Amber Necklace - 18 inches long
Amber healing necklace - polished and raw cognac Baltic amber beads
Cognac amber teething necklace - olive shape amber beads 13 inches long
Regular price: $19.95
Sale price: $15.95
Baltic amber teething necklaces for Baby and Mom - polished cognac beads
Regular price: $35.95
Sale price: $30.95
Baltic amber teething necklace - bright mix 13 inches long
Regular price: $21.95
Sale price: $17.95
Amber teething necklace - raw and polished dark cognac beads 13 inches long
Regular price: $19.95
Sale price: $15.95
Amber teething necklace - polished multicolor sunshine beads 13 inches long
Raw amber teething necklace - dark Baltic amber beads 13 inches long
Regular price: $19.95
Sale price: $15.95
Since time began, the beauty and mystery of natural Baltic Amber has been both a fascination and an inspiration to all who become familiar with it. This most amazing living gemstone is part of our history, significant in our heritage, and a treasure we pass on with each generation. Created by the power of nature and given the master’s touch by Lithuanian Amber Artisans who revere Baltic Amber from birth, our Amber Jewelry is a reflection of all the very best that can be achieved with this wonder of nature. If you are seeking natural healing, natural harmony, and natural balance, you will find the healing powers of Amber beyond your greatest expectations.


Amber Artisans proudly offers Amber Healing Jewelry for Women, Men and Children. Our products are exclusive, 100% Genuine Baltic Amber. Our master craftsmen employ centuries old techniques to perfect each Amber bead, each strand, each miracle of unearthed natural power into a powerful resource that can become a key resource in your life.

Our natural Amber Teething Necklace can soothe teething pain for your children. You can also ease your own stress with a matching healing Amber Necklace or healing Bracelets For Men. We also invite you to explore and learn about Baltic Amber’s history in the Amber Education Room. Get the real story about one of history’s greatest mysteries … the search for the Amber Room! It could change your life.


Here are some critical key points that set us apart from any competition.

*If you need a special size, we would be happy to make it to your specifications. If you have a special design in mind, we are glad to accommodate you!

*We are a group of artists and craftspeople dedicated to bringing the highest level of craftsmanship to Amber Jewelry making. We make everything by hand, using a combination of old world tools and techniques alongside the latest technologies. Many of our beautiful Baltic Amber pieces incorporate techniques that we develop ourselves. Everything is handmade right here in our workshop Amber Artisans studio located in the Baltic Amber homeland of Lithuania. Buy Wholesale Baltic Amber Healing Jewelry and Supplies from Amber Artisans.

*We are the point of origin for all our Baltic Amber Products. We are not a reseller so there is no middle man who adds to the cost.

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