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From ancient cultures to modern society, Baltic Amber has been a mystery, a fascination, and an enviable possession all over the world. Some people treasure it for its natural beauty and the variations of color that emanate from deep within each bead. Others consider it an historical relic to be prized. In most cases, amber is purchased because it is truly a collector’s item of significant value.

For many hundreds of year, scientists and scholars have dedicated their careers or a significant portion of the professional lives studying amber and detailing its many facets. If you’re an aspiring “amberologist” or simply a lover of fine things Amber, you’ll find yourself in good company in our Amber Education Room. Take your time and stay awhile. Learn, explore and enjoy pages that tell the story of amber myths, the history of Baltic amber, and other useful educational articles.

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Ancient Amber Reveals Prehistoric Times and Science of the FutureWhat the Collector Needs to Know About Amber JewelryBaltic Amber - Amber Acid
All about Baltic amber jewelryBaltic Amber – The Amber Artisans at WorkAmber in Magic and Medicine
The legend of the Baltic amberAmber healing necklaces informationAmber nursing necklace
In search of the amber room50 Million Years Ago-Baltic AmberDiscovering Green Amber
Baltic Amber Colors Baltic Amber ExtractionHealing with Baltic Amber
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