Baby amber teething necklaces - information and advice

Baby amber teething necklaces - information and advice
When your child is teething, one of the best decisions you can make is to use natural Baltic Amber Healing Jewelry as your pain remedy.

Baby amber Teething Necklaces are designed by Amber Artisans who carefully select the amber, polish every bead until it is smooth, perfectly rounded, and securely strung on several strands of woven-silk thread. Every closure is made of a specially constructed plastic – no metal whatsoever – as children can already be allergic. Worn around the child’s neck, the Baltic Amber gently releases its healing properties into the skin and the results are always amazing!


And how does natural Baltic Amber work its magic? Even more amazing! Baltic amber contains 3-8% of Succinic Acid, a scientifically evaluated and proven substance used in contemporary medicine. Ironically, This substance is present is almost every cell in the human body and exudes numerous beneficial properties. For example, auccinic acid is an anti-inflammatory that reduces swelling, an analgesic that reduces pain, an anti-spasmodic for symptoms of common teething related issues such diarrhea. Succinic acid also serves as an excellent expectorant and anti-fever remedy. The list just goes on and on. Which brings up another very good question: How many different medications would your child require to take care of all these different symptoms? And at what cost? Natural Baltic Amber is not only a wonderful remedy for teething pain, it’s a wealth of problem solvers for children’s and discerning parents!

The most critical part of your decision to provide an all-natural solution to your children’s teething pain is who you choose to buy from. There are many purveyors of fake amber because smart parents want this healthy alternative for their teething children – hence, money to be made. Unless you purchase natural Baltic amber from a well-established organization with roots steeped in this tradition, and preferably in the Baltic region, you may be sorely disappointed. When you’re ready to buy, research those companies who have complete credibility with Baby Amber Teething Necklaces . Who have amber artisans in their employ who are truly “family” to all things Amber and have grown up with Baltic amber as part of their culture. These companies only sell real Baltic amber. It’s their heritage and their livelihood.

So if you’re ready to embrace natural Baltic Amber as the optimum choice for your teething child, listen to the experts who live and breathe this fascinating, incredibly powerful and timeless tradition every day. You’ll be glad you did – and so will your child!

Read more about the many healing benefits of Baltic Amber .


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Disclaimer: The material provided on is for information and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. We assume no responsibility for treatment or cure of any illness or disease.

From time to time, we get these questions from our valued customers. Here are a few of them!

Do those teething necklaces made of Baltic amber beads really work for teething pain? This just seems so weird to me. Please read.

Attention Dear Customers Please Read!!!

Here are some critical key points that set us apart from any competition.

*If you need a special size, we would be happy to make it to your specifications. If you have a special design in mind, we are glad to accommodate you!

*We’re not a typical web site or store that believes once size fits all. Because we take pride in our small, privately owned business, we enjoy offering a variety of styles and colors and unique designs that we can also customize to the delight of our customers. If you’re looking for something different and have an idea in mind, just tell us your preference and consider it done!

*Our Amber Artisans are incredibly skilled craftsman who apply the old, original methods and creating our beautiful jewelry.

* We are not a reseller so there is no middle man who adds to the cost.

*Our Baltic amber teething necklaces and amber healing necklaces come straight to you from Lithuania, their country of origin. You will never find any piece of fake amber in our inventory or on our website.

*The quality of our designs is second to none because every necklace is hand-crafted by Natural Baltic Amber specialists who have generations of experience in polishing and softly rounding every Baltic Amber bead until it reaches ultimate perfection.

*We know Baltic Amber better than anyone – it’s been in our lives since we were born, part of our history, significant in our heritage, and a treasure we pass on generation after generation. We have intimate, personal knowledge and experience with amber and its amazing powers. Learn more why buy from amber artisans.

Buy wholesale Baltic amber jewelry and supplies from amber artisans.

Important Notice – Your Checklist to buying the genuine product when buying Amber Teething Necklaces online .

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