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Amber Pendants Information and Advice

Amber Pendants Information and Advice

One of the most enhancing jewelry statements any collection can offer is a Pendant - one that is simple yet naturally alluring. With a unique design and the gem's variation of natural color - one of a kind - that will easily become your favorite go to for any occasion, our natural Amber Pendants will become the center of attention whenever you wear them.

Pendants are a timeless accessory, representing tradition, spirit, wealth and style. When most people think of a Pendant, it's usually the most expensive gemstones or family heirlooms. Baltic Amber Pendants, however, capture the best of both worlds.

Baltic Amber is an organic substance, a "Fossil Resin" produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe over 45 million years ago. The climate became warmer and trees started to exude big amounts of resin. Scientists say that Baltic Amber is a fossil pine resin from this region that has achieved a stable state through oxidation.


There is no denying the eye-catching qualities of Baltic Amber. It's the way it captures light and diffuses it in a warm glow. Amber's relationship with ancient history also adds to its allure.

The natural properties of Baltic Amber appeals to environmentalists as well as spiritualists. Baltic Amber Jewelry are worn by all walks of life who are looking for guidance and energy support. For example, these are some of the metaphysical properties.








The beauty of Baltic Amber is not limited to yellows, oranges, and reds. This brilliant stone comes in rare and common forms. There are various tints within the rainbow spectrum that range from the palest yellow to rich yellow to blue, white, forest green, honey beige, smoky brown and many others within each of these colors. It's astonishing to realize that there are in fact 7 primary Baltic Amber Colors and over 250 variations within that coloration.


Anything that is trapped in Amber as it is leaking from a tree is trapped forever. Unlike other materials, Amber does not destroy any foreign objects stuck in its presence. Anyone who has seen the blockbuster movie Jurassic Park will be familiar with how great Amber is for preserving specimens.

Inclusions don't always increase the value of an Amber Jewelry, but if it is in the form of a complete insect or flower, they can be very expensive.

Mosquitoes are the most common inclusion, followed by beetles, small flowers, and bacteria. Always be cautious when shopping for Amber Pendants with Inclusions, as these are the most targeted by the synthetic market.


Amber Pendants aren't the only popular way to showcase this amazing piece of Earth. Common Amber pieces are often incorporated into elaborate settings. Rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets, and even Amber Necklaces are perfect complements for Amber. Because their normally oblong and organic shape, Amber stands out among all other gemstones.


There are two primary types of Baltic Amber that you will come across, outside of the numerous inclusions and colors to choose from. Finished Amber will be any pieces of Amber that have been polished, modified or shaped to resemble a gemstone. Finished Amber will generally have a better and more impressive clarity over unfinished pieces.

The raw, unfinished Baltic Amber is prized for its character and fossilized nature. Unfinished Amber is very popular among divination practices because of its natural brilliance.


Fake Amber is unfortunately a big problem. This scam is most commonly seen among large Amber pieces. Also if you're looking for Amber with Inclusions, this is also a big target among counterfeiters. Any Amber specimens with insects in them should be verified by the correct species. Sunburst Amber should look imperfect, irregular, and vary in the brightness of spotting. Fake inclusions and sunbursts will have even spacing and alignments that look almost too good to be true (that's because it is). Learn more how to Identify Baltic Amber from Imitations or Fakes.


Now that you know more about Amazing Baltic Amber, it's time to go Shopping for Amber Pendant. Since Baltic Amber Jewelry is so popular, it can be overwhelming to have such a large number of choices at your disposal. There are numerous stores, crystal shops, and spiritual stores in every city, not mention thousands of online dealers.

That's why it is very important to shop with Baltic Amber Jewelry dealers that you can trust. If you want luxury, affordability, and exclusive items please take a look at our offerings.

Each our Amber Pendant is hand made by jewelry craftsman who pride themselves on each one as a work of art. Whether you choose the simplest design or select a more elaborate piece, each Pendant is made with natural Baltic Amber and accented with 100% sterling silver.

There are many benefits to wearing natural Amber Jewelry, so if you're ready to showcase your exceptional taste in pendants that can only be described as enviably unique, visit Amber Artisans Boutique. There are many designs to choose from and with very favorable pricing!

If you have any questions please let us know.


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As a small business, both in our town and in the world, we are extremely focused on every customer. Quality is our #1 priority so that everyone who buys from us has a very successful and personal experience. We are working with natural genuine Baltic Amber and our craft is something we infuse in every sale we make. We want our customers to know how very important they are to us and that we care about every aspect of what we do. Amber is very personal to us. It's the treasure of our country. And it's the most powerful homeopathic remedy that we can give to each and every person who reaches out to us.

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