Amber in Lithuania

Amber in Lithuania
When it comes to Baltic Amber, Lithuanians are the greatest source of information, history, and the real product itself, natural Amber. It is far more than Fossil Resin. It is the symbol of our country and the soul of our people. We are immersed in Baltic Amber history and mythology, awed by its beauty and ever respectful of its amazing healing powers. For example, the documented history of natural amber discovery began in 1854 in Juodkrante, a coastal fishing village. Imaging the excitement of seeing Amber washing up in all its natural glory for the very first time! Now Juodkrante is a resort where people go to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the gifts the sea has given us in Amber.

Amber is used in the Lithuanian language for all sorts of reasons: people’s names, restaurants, hotels, festivals, museums and more. In our country you will find shops everywhere that sell genuine Baltic Amber in some form of jewelry, souvenirs, paintings, sculptures and even as art on furniture and wall coverings. Of course amber is also a significant part of Lithuania’s national costume.

Lithuania takes great pride in our two main museums that display natural Baltic Amber. One of the museums is located in an amazing, classical-style palace which is the diamond of the Botanical Garden in Palanga. Palanga is very well known for its amber museum as well as its many jewelry shops with exceptional Baltic Amber jewelry on display. Lucky tourists can actually observe the amber artisans creating amber jewelry at these locations. The other museum is located in Neringa in the house where Thomas Mann, a very famous writer, once lived. This museum hosts exhibits of rare collections which are privately viewed.

And if your curiosity and wanderlust take you along the famous Baltic Amber Road, quite the tourist attraction, you will enjoy a journey that stretches for 418 km. along the Baltic Coast. Along the way you will become familiar with the history of Amber in Lithuania, Latvia and Kaliningrad as well as the output of amber product, processing to the artisan’s hands and the ultimate beautiful jewelry it becomes.

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*We are a group of artists and craftspeople dedicated to bringing the highest level of craftsmanship to Baltic Amber Jewelry Making. We make everything by hand, using a combination of old world tools and techniques alongside the latest technologies. Many of our beautiful Amber Jewelry pieces incorporate techniques that we develop ourselves. Everything is handmade right here in our workshop Amber Artisans studio located in the Baltic Amber homeland of Lithuania.

*We are the point of origin for all our Baltic Amber Products. We are not a reseller so there is no middle man who adds to the cost. Buy Wholesale Amber Jewelry and supplies from Amber Artisans.

*If you need a special size, we would be happy to make it to your specifications. If you have a special design in mind, we are glad to accommodate you!

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