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Men's Beaded Bracelets A Unique Style Statement

Men's Beaded Bracelets A Unique Style Statement

Men's Bead Bracelets are not only the latest trend but a fashion statement that is being made by stylish individuals who are well recognized in every corner of the globe. When it comes to innovation, you could say Men's Beaded Bracelets have the leading edge.

Men have worn bracelets historically for ages. And for various reasons: to emulate power, wealth, and status. Men's bracelets have also served as symbolism based on the selection of certain gemstones, or served as medical ID tags. To some, they are a function of religion and serve as Prayer Beads while others wear them because they are engraved with a special message or from someone special.

Whether a decoration, a meaningful symbol, a fashion statement (top designers leading couture are all about Men's Bracelets), or just because they are attractive, Men's Bracelets are here to stay. They can be complimentary to any clothing style - sophisticated evening attire or jeans and a t-shirt. So let's consider why there is one type of Men's Bracelet that stands out - and truly benefits the man who wears it - for a variety of reasons.

If you're looking for ''top of the line'' in a Man's Bead Bracelet, you need to focus on the one natural gemstone bracelet that is made with the most ancient stone known to mankind - natural Baltic Amber. Formed over 45 million years ago, Baltic Amber. is actually an organic substance which was produced in ancient forests by pine trees indigenous to the area in Northern Europe. What makes natural Baltic Amber even more unique is that it is therapeutic and radiates natural energy to the wearer creating a feeling of calmness and often healing for stress and other discomforts.

If you're looking to add to your collection of Men's Bracelets or thinking about wearing one for the first time, you can't make a better choice than natural Baltic Amber. Our Men's Bead Bracelets handmade of Baltic Amber are available in a variety of colors and styles and fit totally naturally and comfortably on your wrist. And the added benefit of knowing you're enjoying the versatility and uniqueness of gems that have been the envy of royalty and stood the test of time - and have a health benefit - makes this a win-win opportunity!


A good fitting bracelet has a bit of extra space between itself and your wrist, but not so much that it slides up and down your forearm/hand. You should be able to slide 1 or 2 fingers under the bracelet and your wrist. Use a measuring tape or piece of string to measure the size of your wrist. Measure just above the wrist bone and add 0.8 inches (2 cm.) to your wrist size to get the correct bracelet size.


If you want to wear your Beaded Bracelet with your watch, wear it on the same wrist as your watch. Otherwise, wear it on the opposite arm.

There are no rules - only preferences. Be wary of your bracelet getting in your way while you work. This may mean that you wear it on your non-dominant hand.


We suggest a Beaded Bracelet that fits firmly against the skin. Why? The elastic bands don't absorb sweat and you won't risk it falling off during your final burpee.

Go for a masculine Black Men's Beaded Bracelet if you want something that looks good with your fitness tracker.


Yes, you can! It's totally OK to pair a bracelet or two with your watch. Be aware of the type of bracelet and whether or not it might scratch your watch.


Why else would you have two wrists? Wearing bracelets on both arms is all about visual weight. Make sure that one side is visually heavier than the other and you're set!


It all depends on the material from which your bracelet is made. Bracelets handmade from Baltic Amber Beads are safe and water-resistant. Most Men's Bracelets are pretty easy to remove. Spend the extra 15 seconds taking them off before jumping in the ocean. You'll be happier for it.


Try to store your jewelry separately so it doesn't scratch other jewelry. Jewelry should only be put on after washing and applying any makeup, hair spray, gels, lotions or perfume.

Try to protect any jewelry from harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight. Always try to store your Beaded Bracelets or Beaded Necklaces flat.

You should not wear Beaded Jewelry while doing household or outdoor chores. You should never wear any jewelry when swimming or showering. The chlorine can cause damage to various gemstones. Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place.

Do not use jewelry cleaners as it will cause damage to the gemstones. Learn more how to care for Men's Beaded Bracelets.


Beaded Bracelets made of Baltic Amber can be the perfect gifts for any occasion. Both Women and Men will adore it.

Our very best regards and if you have any questions please let us know.


Amber Artisans

About The Author

As a small business, both in our town and in the world, we are extremely focused on every customer. Quality is our #1 priority so that everyone who buys from us has a very successful and personal experience. We are working with natural genuine Baltic Amber and our craft is something we infuse in every sale we make. We want our customers to know how very important they are to us and that we care about every aspect of what we do. Amber is very personal to us. It's the treasure of our country. And it's the most powerful homeopathic remedy that we can give to each and every person who reaches out to us. Please Note: Amber Artisans does not dispense medical advice.

  • I'm thankful that I was home today when the USPS carrier rang my door bell and asked for the required signature confirming successful package delivery. The parcel arrived in perfect condition; I thought the bow wrapped inner box was a lovely touch! The cognac Amber Bracelets and matching Amber Necklaces are beautiful and because we're having a sunny day here in Austin, Texas, I've placed all of the Amber Jewelry outside to absorb some of this marvelous sunshine; I've heard that amber is sometimes called the Tears of the Sun. Also, I find it interesting that people* who can see the human auric field, say that it's one of only a few substances that strengthens and makes brighter the subtle energy body. The 3 bonus gifts: multicolored amber ring, cognac heart pendant, raw amber. Are very much appreciated!

    D. P. Austin, TX

  • Your account records can verify that I'm am a repeat client from the USA and have always been pleased with the quality of your jewelry products and customer service. The amber barrel-clasps on the necklaces have never broken or failed and are easy to fasten by using feel of touch alone, which is a big plus for the very elderly; while the strands of individually knotted, pebble-like, beads of polished Amber that compose the necklaces, have held firm and remained shiny and beautiful throughout years of continuous wear and are making many of my close friends very happy.


  • I give you my permission to use any portion of this correspondence to post on your website regarding customer satisfaction feedback.

    M. H.- Indianapolis, IN

  • I just got my sons Amber Teething Neckace today and it is beautiful! I will be recommending your business to all of my friends because not only is the quality of the product great, your communication was excellent. thanks again!


  • I had done weeks of extensive research, and ended up ordering a total of 6 items over three separate orders. This is a family owned company with excellent customer service and workmanship. Over the 3 month period I was ordering Amber Jewelry, they continually updated their website to be more extensive and user friendly. They are flexible and communicate promptly and professionally. They also want you to know that your Baltic Amber Jewelery is authentic, so they send extra beads and explain how to test them for authenticity. They also provide extensive information about the history and uses for their product. I have truly enjoyed doing business w/them as well. They guarantee your satisfaction and accept returns and exchanges. I wish there were more small, artisan-type stores like this. I definitely recommend them for quality, customer service and overall value.

    B. P. - Pensacola, FL

  • I received my Amber Necklaces in about 10 working days, coming all the way from Lithuania! It's hard to get US merchandise that quick. The experience with this company was fantastic. Everything they said about their product is true. I love the necklaces...they are beautiful Amber and of great quality. I received confirmation on purchase and shipping right away and was not concerned with credit card info since they use paypal. All in all this is a great company and I will purchase from them again and again.

    J.O. - Toronto, Canada

  • Dear Svajunas and Amber Artisans, We received our Mom and Baby Necklace set and absolutely love them! They are gorgeous and exactly what I wanted, not to mention the fact that they have helped with teething and neck aches. I have recommended your company to all my friends--thank you so very much!

    A.R. Tarentum PA

  • I had a slightly custom request with my purchase for Mens Beaded Bracelet and they more than graciously accomodated 100%. My order came, and was perfect and absolutely gorgeous. It is clear that they took care to not only make a quality product but to also make it a personal work of art. They should be proud. I will be doing business with Amber Artisans again soon! Thank you very much!


  • Very personable, excellent craftsmanship, I will absolutely return to Amber Artisans.

    P.G. Northridge CA

  • The rep at "Amber Artisans" responded to my email very quickly. And I received the Amber Necklaces shortly thereafter.I knew I was ordering from a company overseas and that was my main concern that the company was legitimate.So receiving an email that quickly was comforting.Thank you.

    M.D. Paradise CA

  • I am very pleased with our new Amber Necklaces. The craftsmanship is exceptional! The necklaces are beautiful and I feel safe with the attention to detail in the design. The clasp is easy to use and the individual stringing is peace of mind for my baby's necklace. She was cutting her two top teeth and miserable. I am not sure of the effects as of yet, since it is day two. It does take some time to recieve them as they are coming from Lithuania., so be patient.Thank you!

    E.P.- Glendale, CA

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    E.P.- Glendale, CA

  • This is my second order for Baltic Amber Necklaces, I gave mine away because my sister loved it. Your quality and authenticity is the best there is out there for Amber. My daughter wears her Amber Necklace every day and loves it. Thank you so much for providing such a rare, beautiful and healing necklace for us. As I mentioned to you in my email, my vitiligo is healing after wearing the Moms healing necklace for 2 weeks, it is a miracle!!! Thank you.

    M.C. Reno, NV

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