How To Buy Amber Teething Necklace

How To Buy Amber Teething Necklace
Genuine Baltic Amber is almost, literally, a timeless remedy for relieving pain and discomfort in adults and children. Over many centuries, Amber Teething Necklace have increased in visibility and popularity in Europe and Asia and are now being discovered, appreciated and highly valued by parents all over the world as a substitute for pain medicine. Here are the most important steps to follow when you want to purchase Amber Teething Necklace.

* Shop for an Amber Necklace from reliable vendors you can trust. Be certain that it is real Baltic Amber - over 45 million years old and NOT copal or any other cheap replica product. Learn more How to Identify Genuine Baltic Amber from Imitations.

* Be certain that the product is Baltic Amber from the Baltic Region. Baltic Amber has some of the highest concentrations of succinic acid found in nature, and this is what makes it so special. Succinic Acid is a natural component of plant and animal tissues, and it's presence in the human body is beneficial in many ways.

* Genuine Baltic Amber and “deep discount” do not belong in the same sentence together or in any advertisement for Genuine Baltic Amber. Genuine amber is really priceless…a slowly disappearing miraculous material that can never be created by nature the same way. If you think of the maturation process for Amber and the fact that it took 45 million years to wash up on the shores of the Baltic Sea, there is no way you can believe “discount”. Also, the process that is used to carefully mine Amber from the Sea is days long as is the process of preparing the amber to create the gems that will be used to make your child’s teething necklace. From those hands, Amber craftsmen take even more days carefully polishing the stones to ensure their comfort when they are strung together in the timeless tradition of Lithuanians for many generations. If we’re being realistic, you can see there is a huge difference between the fake and the real Amber. Which one would you trust your child to wear?

* Look for softly rounded Amber beads so that they lay comfortably against the child’s skin. This allows maximum skin contact and gives added comfort to your child.

*Polished or Raw Amber? Both forms of natural Baltic Amber have healing ability. In other words, if you want to purchase natural Baltic Amber purely for healing, Raw Amber has the highest concentration of succinic acid or if you‘re interested in Amber for its exceptional beauty - and for natural healing - you can choose Amber Necklace and Amber Bracelet that have been - polished to a luster that reveals the beauty within.

*Always make sure that you purchase a good quality necklace which must be made of genuine Baltic Amber. Amber Teething Necklace should cost at least $15 to $30 per necklace. The more well-rounded the Amber beads are, the more costly. However, the effects of real Amber are the most important issue here… don't be tempted to skimp on quality! Learn more about Choosing the Perfect Baltic Amber Necklace.

*Amber Teething Necklaces is made for wearing not for chewing. Children should be supervised at all times when wearing jewelry, and it should be removed when child is sleeping or unattended! Not suitable for children under 36 month. Learn more about Amber Teething Necklaces.


Amber Artisans


Please Note: Amber Artisans does not dispense medical advice.


Here are some critical key points that set us apart from any competition.

*We are a group of artists and craftspeople dedicated to bringing the highest level of craftsmanship to Baltic Amber Jewelry Making. We make everything by hand, using a combination of old world tools and techniques alongside the latest technologies. Many of our beautiful Amber Jewelry pieces incorporate techniques that we develop ourselves. Everything is handmade in our workshop by experienced Amber Artisans.

*We are the point of origin for all our Baltic Amber Products. We are not a reseller so there is no middle man who adds to the cost. Buy Wholesale Amber Jewelry and supplies from Amber Artisans.

*If you need a special size, we would be happy to make it to your specifications. If you have a special design in mind, we are glad to accommodate you!

*See what our customers have to say about us! Customer Testimonials.

*We accept Paypal and All Major Credit Cards.

IMPORTANT: How to Choose and Buy Amber Jewelry Online.

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